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We fulfil your Human Resources needs.

We thrive hard to get the best talent for your team. Our team will help you in developing your long term plans of staffing and securing the human resource to overcome the specific challenges you may face and meet your future objectives.

We believe in your GROWTH!

Our Culture

Be Human

Have empathy. Be vulnerable. Believe people are well-intentioned. Build relationships with those around you. Have fun!

Leave Them Better Than You Found Them

When we partner with someone, our sole goal is to go into every situation with the intention to make it better.

Do The Right Thing

Be professionally kind, ethical, and willing to have hard conversations based on our values.


Get sh*t done.

At Mentecho, we empower our clients through helping them find the right people, select the ideal technologies, and plan for seamless recovery. We are committed to their success, working together as One Team with One Message to transform environments, enhance operations, and exceed expectations.

Regardless of industry and size, every organization has a need for People, Technology, and Resiliency. Mentecho supports these needs through our Talent Solutions, Advanced Technology Group. Although Mentecho began as a traditional VAR, we have grown to support the evolving needs of our customers. As a result, we have become an IT solutions provider in a truer sense; we make it possible for our clients to achieve the outcomes that they want to see by supporting every aspect of their IT environment. We have diligently worked to build a company that is capable of solving problems in IT regardless of where the root is, be it a need for advanced technology, skilled individuals, or the ability to recover from a disaster. That’s the Mentecho difference.

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